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Our team is constantly developing new ways to be creative using generative AI. But we don’t keep it to ourselves; with our workshops and consulting services, artists, companies and public institutions can learn up close what Midjourney, ChatGPT and other tools will mean for the future of art. Meet our experts and contact us today!

Ersin Cilesiz is an award-winning film director with a background in commercials (BMW, AEG) and photography, who uses generative AI to superpower his creative work. He is currently writing a Netflix feature film, for which he used Midjourney to visualize and successfully pitch his concept.

Ersin is available for general creative AI consulting and Midjourney workshops.

Albert Bozesan is a bestselling storyteller and, via his successful YouTube channel, one of the first artists to embrace generative AI as a creative tool. As Creative Director AI Media at Storybook Studios, he develops original AI workflows to produce high-quality video.

Albert is available for keynotes, impulse talks, panel discussions and bespoke consulting.

Our Tutorial Series

Are you looking for an introduction to professional tools for AI image generation? Check out Albert’s in-depth YouTube courses on Stable Diffusion!

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